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Slimming, Contouring  and Body Detox Therapies 

                         Do you have any of these goals in mind?                                

        - Improve circullation                -Reduce fluid retention                   -Detox                  -Reduce cellulite (or orange peel)
                - Fat  reduction         -Body slimming or shaping       - Tighten and tone the skin       -Improve skin texture   

  If so, non-invasive technologies are right  for you, meaning that do not involve surgery, anesthetics, any hospital stay or time off work, painless and no down time.    iLipo - Photon Led available soon! 

At Melody,  we offer  very wide range of body treatments, depending on the area to be treated and the client's expectations.
We use different devices and the newest technology in order to improve the outcome of the treatment. 
For health reasons some   contraindications apply.  Please read our POST treatments ADVICE here

Body treatments effect and expectations vary from person to person: same as results . In order to get the most effective treatment and to reach your goals, an initial consultation  is essential. It is recommended to adopt a healthy eating plan throughout your treatment to achieve the most effective results. 

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                                                                            Exclusive Pacakges of selected treatments :
                                                          Package 1 - Cavitation + RF + Vacuum = €75                                  Special Offer €55              60min
                                                          Package 2 - Cavitation + RF or Vacuum = €60                                 Special Offer €49             45min
                                                          Package 3 - Cavitation + RF or Vacuum + Pressotherapy = €85   Special Offer €55              75min
                                                          Package 4 - Cavitation + RF + Body Wrap = €75                             Special Offer €55              75min
                                                          Package 5 - Cavitation + RF +/or Vacuum + Pressotherapy + Body Wrap/Slim = €120   100min
                                                          Package 6 - Cavitation + Slim + Pressotherapy = €75                     Special Offer €49              60min

                  DO NOT MISS!      Single sessions of Cavitation or Radiofrequency or Vacuum :  30mins €40 NOW €29 ONLY!!

                                  All treatment include special slimming - contouring - anti-cellulite serums / oils / creams / masks
Treatments last from approx 30mins to 100mins

NOW Buy Sessions in packages from 5 -12 treatments get €5 off  from each session 

Click choosen treatment and you will be direct to dedicated page where you can learn all about it.

VACUUM RF - Tight and firm and shape

 3D RF - Radiofrequency

Tight your saggy skin

PRESSOTHERAPY  - clean your body from fat/toxins 


Combined Slimming Treatments for Best Results:

Cavitation + RF + RF Vacuum - Non invasive Liposuction Body Slimming Treatment  NOW 1h €55

This revolutionary technology combines ultrasound, radio frequency and vacuum therapy  for a highly potent body sculpting treatment.  It is an easy and highly effective non-surgical alternative for liposuction resulting and helping in a loss of centimeters and tightening skin.

Ultrasound accurately targets fat and cellulite, transmitting powerful sound energy pulses into the fat. This damages the fat cells, causing them to shrink. Radio frequency uses energy to heat the deeper layers of tissue, reducing the size of the fat cells, promoting collagen production and increasing blood flow. Vacuum therapy improves blood circulation; lymphatic drainage smoothens the underling fat layers and increases elasticity.
We use All three or four modalities  for effective fat removal, cellulite reduction, body shaping, and skin tightening. 
Generally one fat cavitation treatment lasts 30 minutes where a single part of the body is treated by single procedure. Exclusive packages last 45min-100min dep on areas. 
72 hours must pass between each session so that the body can eliminate the fat.
The minimum suggested number of fat cavitation sessions is between 4 and 10. 

Cavitation RF vacuum  system procedures is applied for :

  1. Body lifting and skin tightening
  2. Body shaping/body circumference reduction
  3. Body wrinkle eliminating
  4. Cellulite reduction
  5. Improving skin-metabolism
  6. Skin surface smooth/massage

For optimal effect of achieving recommended treatment cycle 1 - 2 per week (with min 72h pause) in 6 - 10 weeks time. we also suggest to add pressotherapy procedure to the treatment or you choose package which already include it. 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Pressotherapy

This is an effective treatment to totally cleanse the body and eliminate toxins. It is excellent in conjunction with a weight loss program and to treat cellulite thanks to its ability to improve circulation, reduce water retention and support pre and post surgery recovery (liposuction or smart laser). In order to accelerate the  process of drainage of the liquified fat cells after Ultracavitation.  YOU CAN TRY LYMPHATIC DRINAGE NOW for €14 per 30mins! And 20mins head massage during session only €10!