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Lomi combines deeply relaxing techniques with energy balancing and remedial deep tissue work.

True Lomi Lomi also works on an emotional level and after a session the receiver often experiences freedom from worry, anxiety, fear and other negative thought patterns.

The true purpose of Lomi Lomi is to bring balance and a sense of well being of body, mind and spirit.

Polynesian Lomi Lomi Nui

Traditional Hawaian Massage  
60mins - €70 NOW €59  / 90mins - €100 / 120mins - €120

Pregnancy Lomi Lomi Nui
45min - €50

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 Very long strokes, some strechings techniqucs make 

this massage one of the best in world of massages!!

Lomi Lomi Nui is the Hawaiian “temple-style” bodywork which was originally practiced by the Ka Hunas (Hawaiian shamans) to transform & completely balance all aspects of self to create harmony & flow in a person’s being, leaving a sense of a person’s true, unique self and effectiveness in the community. Being deeply connected to Nature, Hawaiian kahunas would use dance, chanting and ritual with Lomi lomi massage to inspire deep healing and restore health, thereby promoting a happy and balanced community with Aloha.

01 Maunaleo.mp3

On those videos you can see an example of Lomi Lomi Nui massage and the main principles of Kahuna.

Special selected music, warm oils, candle light, aroma scents: