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Melody Center - Beauty - Laser - Hair - Physio


Few words about us: 

We are small studio in the heart of Dublin. 

We provide professional massages and body therapies for ladies and gentelmens. 

Our treatments are unique and professional. In our small studio you can treat yourself

From Medical Sport injury massage  to Relaxing Massages,  Spa treatments and slimming treatments. 

We also provide wide range of beauty treatments VISIT La Bellissima Beauty Section.

Our co-operate therapists:

Are  trained and certified. 

With valid diplomas in body works, massages and beauty.

They all are working on self employed / call in - basis so please call earlier to make an app with specified therapists if you wish for, or contact directly your therapist.

             -      Hannah         -     Jill     -    Carolina      -     Patricia   -     Priscilla     

                     Daria    -     Marina       -        Mindaugas        -        Jonh P.  -     Natasha

(Melody Studio based in Melody Salon together with La Bellissima, Hair  Show, J.Pickard, Muscle Fix, and other SelfEmpl Therapists to book with specific company/Therapists please contact to their contact details - Thank you) Theapiest who whish to rent room as pay as you go (rent per hours) contact us 018197792!


Dear costumers we understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone's life. In our desire to be effective and fair to all clients, the following policies are honoured:

1. 48h advance notice is required when cancelling an app. This allows the opportunity for someone else to schedulde an appointment. 

If you are unable to give us 48h notice and you paid in advance we are unable to reschedule your app. Gift certificates fully charged and not refundable. 

2. No shows: Any one either forgets or consciously chooses to forgot their app for whatever reason will be considered a ''noshow''. They will be charged for their ''missed'' app.

3. Late arrivals: If you arrive late up to 20mins, your app will be shortened in order to accommodate others whose app follow yours

If you are late 20mins (without proper notice ) we reserve the right to give the space/time to next avail customer!

Depending upon how late you arrive, your therapist will then determinate if there is enough time to perform treatment you choosed, and can suggest shorten alternative. Regardles of the lenght of the treatment you will be responsible for the ''full'' booked session price.

Out of respect for therapists, for our studio and other costumers please plan accordingly and be on time :) If there is a case you have to wait as other customer was late, we apologise in advance, but we do our best to make your time with us worth it.

4. Confirmation of booking (if applicable) we await your confirmation for up to 2 days, 

if you booking by vouchers we require to send us or call us back with voucher number to confirm the appointment. No confirmation in up to 48h automatically cancel your appointment - and slot is given to next customer.

5. If you are using voucher which is about to exp before next available app date, we reserve right to charge above small fee €15/€18 depending on the vendor type vouchers.

6. We reserve the right to refuse service to any person, at any time, specialy those who arrive for their massage or bodywork appointment under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We also reserve the right to change pricing and policies at any time without prior notice.

7. We have a no tolerance policy towards sexual harassments, advances, gestures or comments. In the case such a situation arises your appointment will promptly end, you will be charged at the full session rate and you may be refused any future appointments.


Click on name chosen therapist to learn more about her.

Hannah:  Qualified beautician and Holistic therapist La Bellissima

.Jill: Holistic therapist - holist massage, relaxing massage, slimming treatments, pressotherapy. 

Mindugaus:  Fully qualified therapist and aromatherapist also  Qigong   Seitai.

John Picard: Fully qualified therapist, Sport therapy, Lomi Lomi Nui, Holistic therapies.  Athlone Massage Clinic

Nataliya:  Fully Holistic Therapist, Sports Injury, Lomi Lomi Nui + pregnacy Lomi Nui  

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