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New therapist who co-operate with our salon: 


Have a  Healthy Body, a spectacular body and Healthy Skin look!

 I specialize in dealing with muscles stiffnes and pains, tension headache, chronic neck pain and back pain. I use various therapeutic methods such as holistic massage, deep tissue massage, connective tissue therapy , Lymphatic drainage or classic massage.

Another kind of treatment:

·                     lymph drainage massage,

·                     hot stones massage,

·                     face anti- aging massage,

·                     aromatherapy massage,

·                     relaxing massage,

·                     slimming massage / Anti Cellulite massage

·                    cupping massage.

Give your body the perfect care it needs:

  • Detoxify your skin

  • Reduce back pain

  • Reduce neck stiffnes

  • Moisturize your skin

  • Purify your skin

  • Exfoliate your skin.

  • Reduce muscle tension

  • Reduce body toxins 

  • Clean Lymphatic system

  • Rreduce muscle spasms and cramps

Lymphatic massage: Helps to eliminate and remove away your fat deposits leaving you with FIRMER, TIGHTER, SMOOTHER SKIN, and slims the contour of the figure achieving a more aesthetic shape.

This treatment is ideal for getting rid of unwanted localized fat.

Working on areas with higher amount of body fat, causing heat with special moves that help dissolve fat and adipose tissue.

Anti-cellulite techniques to more quickly reduce, smooth and tone your legs and bottocks.

Stimulates your skin and lymphatic system due to a lymphatic massage to CLEANSE your body from toxins for your OVERALL HEALTH and well-being, as well as toning your thighs, bottocks, hips, belly and arms

Relaxing Massage: Full-body massage for relax and stress relief, relaxing classical massage.

Carolina, Cosmiatra, Estética Corporal, Rejuvenecimientos estéticos. 

Luce un Cuerpo y piel espectacular!!

Dale el cuidado ideal que necesita tu cuerpo. 

- Desintoxica tu piel

- Hidrata tu piel

- Purifica tu piel

- Exfolia tu piel.

- Dale Mayor Lucidez

- Elimina manchas e impurezas

# Masaje Reductor / Masaje para el alivio del Stress

Te ayudo a eliminar el acumulo de grasa localizada y a la vez, estiliza el contorno de la figura logrando una silueta más estética.

Este tratamiento es ideal para  deshacerse de la grasa localizada no deseada.

Se trabajan las zonas con mayor cantidad de grasa del cuerpo, provocando calor con especiales movimientos que ayudan a disolver el tejido adiposo.

Tengo técnicas anticelulitis para reducir rápidamente aquellas zonas en tus piernas y pompas

Soy especialista en drenaje linfático con el fin de estimular el sistema linfático y limpiar las toxinas de tu cuerpo para el bienestar de tu persona, tonificando tus muslos, pompas, caderas, estómago y brazos.

Mucha practica con técnicas de masajes para combatir el Stress y masajes de bienestar personal.

Carolina   -   Tel: 0876590377
Open Tue - Fri - by appointmants only!

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60min Lymphatic massage €60 NOW €44

80min Lymphatic +face massage €80 

Body contouring massage 1h €75 NOW €55

Body Relaxing massage €60 NOW  €44

Karolina    -   Tel: 0876590377 
Open Tue - Fri  - by appointmants only!

Why lymphatic system is so IMPORTANT?Listen to the video as it may be an easier way to understand its importance.