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Our Co-operate therapists for Ayurveda: 

Alma Rosa, Ivona

01-8197792 087-6590377


This massage is the most ancient technique used for relieving pain. Indian massage is used to manipulate and correct disorders and disbalances in the body to cure injuries, soothe pain, relieve swollen tissues; promote regeneration of the tissues, organs, and internal function of the body. Indian massage improves concentration and intelligence, builds body awareness, self-confidence, will power as well as rejuvenates and preserves youthful qualities

Relaxing Ayurvedic massage both relaxes the body and contributes toward the prevention of diseases. This massage stimulates body circulation system and particularly the lymphatic system. The massage is done by rubbing warm Ayurvedic oil into the body parts in a special sequence of movements from the soles of the feet towards the heart. The lymph system’s function is to supplement blood circulation. It is operating through ducts, nodes and passages and is the body’s direct line of defence against disease.

Ayurveda massage Full body  -  90min - €100

Ayurveda massage Full  Body  -   60min -€70

Indian head massage  - 30min - €40