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Bamboo massage therapy

During the session the therapist uses bamboo tools to perform the massage.

Bamboo is a sturdy versatile plant that is found in abundance throughout Asia. It can be used to make clothe and even used to build houses. The plant has traditional significance in many countries. It symbolizes strength of character, resilience, flexibility, honesty, and simplicity. This type of massage originates in Malaysia, but combines elements of Traditional Chinese MedicineTibetan bodywork  and Polynesian stylesDuring the therapy you will lay on a massage table. The therapist uses large amounts of massage oil to allow the bamboo to glide evenly over the skin. The bamboo tools or oils are warmed to help them warm your muscle tissue making it easier for the therapist to massage you more deeply.

The bamboo helps the therapist give you a really deep massage. This type of massage can be used to treat a variety of chronic pain conditions, including back pain and headaches.

When you try our bamboo massage, You may decide to make this soothing deep tissue therapy part of your regular health routine.


60mins sessions €70 NOW ON SPECIAL OFFER €60

30mins sessions €45 NOW ON SPECIAL OFFER €40