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                           Aromatherapy - 60mins - 60e / 30mins - 40e / 90mins - 90e                                        

Aromatherapy is a combination of techniques adapted to help the absorption of aromatic essential oils and to promote a feeling of well being. 

Each treatment given is unique, tailored to the specific needs of the person at that time.  

The therapist treats the body on a physical level while remaining aware of the receivers needs on an emotional level.

Wonderful massages with special selected oils:

- PURE COCONUT OIL to bring some summer feeling and healthy body look to you.  Gifted with a lot of antioxidants, These           antioxidants do not let the skin wrinkle and also protects it from other adverse affects of aging, like sagging, peeling, and discoloration. The fragrance of coconut oil is unmatched. It is so earthy and  soothing that it keeps you fresh all day. The presence of such a high concentration of medium-chain  fatty acids (saturated fats) makes it a very stable oil. Coconut oil is rich in vitamin-E, your skin’s best friend.   It keeps your skin rejuvenated, young, and healthy.

- Lavender oil - to relax and calm your mind . Well known as calming and inducing sleep oil. Works well on nervous system as                                              well as respiratory system and skin care. 

- Orange oil - to revitalize and bring energy back to your body. This pure orange oil is a wonderful trigger to fight depression and                                     uplift mood, Also works on immune system, and removing toxins from body. Toning up general health of the                                               immune system, reducing emotional and nervous disturbances.

- Tangerine oil - to relax and revitalize. Relaxing muscles and helps to relive spasms. Promoting the growth and regeneration of                                              cells, while also purifying the blood, soothing inflammation and reducing nervous disorders.

- Tea tree oil - for healthy looking skin. Its well known as antibacterial oil and antispetic, can speed the healing rate of skin                                                    marks.

- Eucalyptus oilStimulating immune system response, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic. It helps with muscle                                      pain, mental exhaustion.