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"Charming Eyes"

Duration 60 min   -  €65.00 

Book series of treatments and you can save up to €60!

- 4 treatments for €240

- 6 treatments for €340

- 10 treatments for €590

Face and neck skin care massage to include: • Cleansing
 • Exfoliation • Hydrating • Massage • Lifting mask • Nourishing

Recommended for skin experiencing problems such as dark circles under the eyes, dryness, fine wrinkles, flabbiness of the skin.

Stimulates the microcirculation of the lymph around the eyes,relieves fatigue from the eye and improves vision. Moisturizes,tightens the skin around the eyes, smoothes wrinkles,eliminates the "bags" and dark circles under
the eyes, 
makes your eyes brighter and more expressive

Regular care: 4 sessions / month (1 per week) Intensive care: 12 sessions / course (one session in four days)

"Magic of Youth"

Face and neck skin care massage to include: • Cleansing        
• Exfoliation • Hydrating • Massage • Lifting mask • Nourishing

Recommended specifically for mature skin experiencing problems such as dryness, deep lack of secretion of the sebaceous glands, premature aging, loss of elasticity and wrinkles.

Stimulates cell rejuvenation of the facesmoothes wrinkles, tightens the skin of the face and neck, increases the elasticity of the collagen fibers of the skin, restoring its elasticity and softnessThe effect of the procedure is noticeable after the first session

Regular care: 4 sessions / month (1 per week) 

Intensive care: 12 sessions / course (one session in four days)

Duration 90 min - €90 / one session

Duration 90 min - €80 / per 1 session - 4 sessions/4 weeks You save €40!

Duration 90 min - €70 / per one session - course of 12 treatment every 4 days  You save €240!


Duration 60min - € 70 - 90 min / €90.00

Face and neck skin care massage to include: • Cleansing • Hydrating • Massage • Moisturising mask • Nourishing

Recommended for all skin types. Especially recommended for skin problems such person as yellowing, age spots, excess secretion of the sebaceous glands, acne, skin aging, wrinkles, etc., and can effectively help in the treatment of many diseases of the skin.
Strengthens immunological functions , helps eliminate toxins and increases the metabolism, promotes blood circulation, promotes collagen production, increases skin firmness, reduces wrinkles, lines, folds, pigmentation, age spots.

"GUASHA" facial uses a "stick" made from cow's corn, specially designed to our face's features.


Duration 60 min - €60.00

Back skin care massage to include: 
• Cleansing • Massage • Scrapping • Lymphatic drainage

GUASHA massage can be used for many things. It is an ancient Chinese technique - diagnosescleanses the body of toxins
Eliminates headaches, relieves alcohol withdrawal syndrome,fatigue, muscle pain. Improves sleep quality, reduces thepsychological pressure, stress, improves memory. It is used as aprophylactic against colds. Restores and brings the body to tone,clears energy meridians.  Because it dispels heat from the body, it can treat heatstroke, sunstroke, dizziness, and chills. 

Chinese TUI NA back massage with vacuum cupping

Duration 120min - €120

Series of 10 treatments €1000! SAVE €200!

Back skin care massage to include:
Cleansing • massage • cupping-glass usage • massage 

Tui na is a hands-on body treatment to attempt to open the body's defensive (wei) chi and get the energy moving in the meridians and the muscles.
It stimulates blood circulation; eliminates toxins from the body, stagnation in muscle; restores balance of Yin Jan; cleans Tszinlo channels; stimulates circulation of Qi energy.

Recommended if person experiences difficulties with sleeping, physical weakness and slackness, memory impairment, headaches, constant body chills, pain in shoulders, neck and lower back. 

It removes pain and muscle stagnation caused by cold, humidity or dryness; improves memory; eliminates dizziness, lack of sleeping, back pain. These techniques aid in the treatment of both acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions as well as many non-musculoskeletal conditions.
Only natural oil used for treatment. 

Traditional Deep tissue massage
Back massage or Full body massage
Back - 30mins - €40
Back or full body - 45mins - €50
Full Body - 60mins - €65 / 90mins - €95

Please consider to book a series of treatments as this will have great result mainly in your health improvement and have enormous effect in your total relax ! 

Sessions of treatments:
1. Deeptissue Back only 30mins:
4 treatments / €140 (you save €20)
6 treatments / €210 (you save €30)
10 treatments / €350 (you save €50)

2.45mins session back or full body:
4 treatments - €180 (you save €20)
6 treatments - €270 (you save €50)
10 treatments - €445 (you save €55)

3.Deeptissue full body 60mins:
4 treatments / €220 (you save €20)
6 treatments / €330 (you save €30)
10 treatments / €600 (you save €50)

Anti cellulite massage with honey €50 - €60
Duration 45 - 60 min 
Course of 10 treatments Euro €400.00 OR €500.00

Honey massage is one of the best and most effective remedies for cellulite.
It is an amazing rejuvenating treatment that also helps to cleanse your body from the toxic cellular waste products and lose inches around your thighs.
Light suction provides drainage of toxins and excess fluids, whilst heavier suction can stimulate circulation to stagnant muscles and loosen fibrous adhesions.
It can help to tone the skin and assist in body contouring.
It also affects the superficial nervous system and stimulates lymphatic drainage.
The honey treatment is invigorating but at the end of it your skin will feel soft and refreshed





















effect in your relax


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Series of treatments payment of deposit required.


“THE MAGIC OF YOUTH ” Set €150.00

The complex is used to smooth out facial wrinkles, also to rejuvenate, lift and firm the skin. Preparations of the complex maintain the skin moisture, nourish and supply the skin withoxygen and at the same time improve blood circulation, fight against impurities and free radicals, reduce wrinkles, restore elasticity and natural shine. 
The complex is intended for mature skin with such problems as skin dryness, insufficient of secretions from oil glands, premature ageing, loss of elasticity, and wrinkles. 

Complex includes:

Foaming Facial CLEANSER “THE NEW SHINE” 100 ml
Gently removes dirt, oil and make-up without over-drying the skin.
A pump or two, rub it on your wet face in a circular motion for 30 seconds, then rinse. 
This richly facial foam cleanser will leave your skin purified, hydrated and nourished.
Recommended for all types of mature skin

Skin Firming EXTRACT “ THE NEW SHINE” 60 ml
Restores damaged collagen and elastin by restoring firmness and elasticity of all skin layers, protects skin cells against harmful environmental effects.
Apply the extract on clean skin of your face and neck. Gently massage with your fingertips until fully absorbed.
Recommended for all types of mature skin, especially for saggy or creasy skin. 

Firming Facial MASK "THE NEW SHINE" 100 ml
Recommended for all types of mature skin with enlarged pores. Especially recommended for saggy skin. The product may be used on all areas of your body where the skin is saggy. It is also helpful for getting rid of scars and stretch marks appeared after giving birth. (May not be used in sensitive areas).
Mix the mask with water (1/3 part of mask +2/3 parts of water); apply on dry clean skin of your face, leave it for 15-20 minutes until dries, then rinse off with warm water)


 The Chinese Guasha Facial is unique in that it combines European esthetic techniques with Traditional Chinese Medicine Guasha Therapy (facial scraping). Guasha Therapy is the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) art of facial and body scraping for beauty, health, and wellness; similar to acupuncture treatment, but without the use of intrusive needles. 

The Guasha technique helps to restore and re-balance the vital energy system in the body, which eliminates pathogenic factors directly. The technique is simple, effective and has no side effects; it has been practiced for more than 25 centuries by the Chinese people and is a precious heritage of traditional Chinese medical science and massage therapy. Like Acupuncture and Feng Shui, Guasha Therapy is recognized for its positive energy, and its ability to repair aesthetic problems.

Chinese Guasha Facial massage is performed by applying gentle scraping with unique shaped Jade plates, and TCM Beauty Essential Oil and Cream on specific points, meridians and holographic meridian points on the face and body. The Guasha technique is based on holographic meridian scraping theory. In TCM, there are 14 meridian pathways with corresponding acupuncture points distributed throughout the body and connected to each organ system. The face has direct meridian connections to nine of the major meridians of the body.

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